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About Us

About Us

Big Propel Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian diversified venture capital organization. Founded in 2018, our core business includes providing entrepreneur consulting services, event management, tour and travel services, e-commerce and educational webinar.

Big Propel Sdn Bhd aims to build an omni-directional investment management platform that includes venture capital, private equity, M&A and etc. Our current business focus is on the entrepreneurship development and business investment in China and Southeast Asia, mainly in the area of entertainment, e-commerce and Mobile Internet.

"A better you, A bigger world" is our company tagline. Strong continuous learning skills are required to successfully adapt to changing work and life demands. Big Propel creates a culture of learning, our people get to look at their work through the lens of new information and ideas, therefore spurs new and creative ways to complete work or deliver a better result.

Vision: Forward thinking and leading organisation that keeps pace with the new era.

Mission: Create a platform to exploit one’s professional knowledge, creativity, talent, and hence to propel society forward.

What are we passionate about doing?

  1. We create a platform that connect multiple business from various country and industry
  2. We provide professional business advice, consultancy and solution that helps to improve client’s business
  3. We invest in start-up, and potential high growth company, in the form of venture capital